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Video and Post Production Services

Who We Are


The virtual world is NOW! How will your brand be present in this new world? Stylus is the right partner to produce and create amazing On-Brand Content.

From Music Videos to Television Shows and Feature Films we have got you covered.

Stylus Production Solutions is a production company helping brands and organizations push the world forward. We bring you new and innovative ways of connecting and engaging with your audience by being an integral part of the process all the way from concept to consumer. 



+ Concepts
+ Treatment
+ Story Outline
+ Scripts

+ Logistics & Scheduling
+ Location scouting
+ Casting
+ Prep



+ Commercials

+ Branded videos

+ Documentary-style videos

+ Company Promo videos

+ Social Media videos



+ Voice Over Casting & Recording

+ Picture Editing

+ Sound Design & Mastering

+ Graphics & Animation

+ Color Correction & Grading

+ Online Picture Edit & Final Assembly


Video Accessories


Step One: Discovery
This is where we receive the initial briefing from you. It can be as simple as just telling us you don’t know where to start but you need a video to send us a full script. Then we immediately get back to you and present all available options, concepts, and budgets.

Step Two: Treatment
Once we determine the approach to the video and the budget, then we can start developing a treatment which includes a creative as well as technical blueprint for production.

Step Three: Pre Production
Everything necessary before production can begin. This would include finding and securing locations, props, sets, casting and acquiring all the necessary permits, securing all the equipment rentals as well as confirming the crew and locking in shoot dates.

Step Four: Production
The shortest amount of time spent on a video project is the actual shoot day(s). But don’t be fooled, these days are all intensive and all the planning goes into making sure this step goes smoothly. You can rest assured you are in good hands with our experienced team.

Step Five: Post Production
After the Action comes the Magic. We take all the rough footage and break it down into the final selects and edit it together seamlessly to mix with music and sound effects and even some animation and motion graphics if needed.

Step Six: Delivery
Once the final version is picture locked, we can start delivery. Most projects only require the final edited version of the video but we can also deliver all the RAW footage on a hard drive as well.




Feel free to email us using the form below and we will get back to you soon. Thank you!

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